41.3833° N, 2.1833° E

Barcelona, Spain – August, 2014

I got up early, to walk. Which is what I always seem to do, when coffee is not available in my immediate vicinity. Where I was staying was close to the Arc de Triomf and small roads led down past narrower alleys. There in the morning before the light came up, there was a Cafe.

Local workers were there. They were having their morning coffee before work. Dressed in vests, and work boots. Severe faces that only melted into welcome after I had butchered the Spanish language asking for a coffee “Dos cafe por favor”. My face must have broken into the nervous smile I felt upon this simple Dora-esque inspired statement. That seemed to be the key to unlocking the smile the cafe owner had had stoically hidden until then.

Feet stepping and body fuelled the walking kept right on going, over the Placa de Tetuan and to the Ciutadella. Barcelona kept up the magic and the flavour. Every step was magical and vibrant, in colour and in texture. So, getting up before the dawn meant that adventure seemed to wake me up all day. In a dozy and tired warmth I kept my eyes wide open to take in the people and traffic and the history and the movement. All in the wonderful present.

Barcelona is simply an amazing to place to explore. I didn’t take many photos, I was just there.

Taking in the seconds, as fully as possible. Noting everything down internally. Trying to translate my thoughts into broken Spanish.


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