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New Plymouth

It’s the 10th largest city in New Zealand. On the West Coast of the North Island, it’s somewhat isolated, you have to drive south of Taupo, for 3 hours or so to get there. Head off the main highway south, and head towards the west coast.

You can also take the Forgotten World Highway, which is over 150km of broken roads and wonderous natural canyons, rivers and forests. There are many places to stop, to walk and to see. And some amazing views.

This post is about where you get at the end of this road. New Plymouth.

I lived in New Zealand for almost 21 years. It’s amazing, beautiful, and there are so many places that are incredible gems. You feel wealthy in all the good ways whenever you find another place like this.

For me, getting to New Plymouth was like discovering another hidden treasure. A cascade of treasures. Colourful, beautiful and brimming with tasty treats.

New Plymouth is awesome. It is beautiful. The decor. The natural sights. The design. From the Seawall, to the Parks and bridges, this places was quite obviously planned out, thought through and is kept beautiful. There are museums and art centres. Cafe’s and treats.

And that Seawall…It’s one of my new favourite NZ locations (and it’s Dog friendly too :))


The Seawall. From Te Rewa Rewa Bridge to the Tooth, I’m pretty sure you can walk for hours along the ocean. There is so much beauty to see, you can bike, scooter, walk and run and I saw locals doing all these things along the walk. Along the estuary at one end, I could see locals catching whitebait, which is a tasty morsel served as fritters. It’s only available for a limited season, and all you need is egg, lemon, salt and slice of bread for a delicious and easy kiwi treat.

Pukekura Park. This is a beautiful park for a walk, and for a quiet day in this quiet city, you can venture through this park, cross the bridges and take a look around. It’s really lovely. Check out the poets bridge.

The Wind Wand. This is an amazing weather wand, designed by artist Len Lye/// it’s made of fibre glass, and carbon fibre, it’s red, and it has a sphere on the top that has 1,296 lights that glow at night. Engineering meets art, moved by weather, by the ocean.

Recommended Eats:

The Social Kitchen. Sangria and pork belly and veggies and all things good. It a rustic and meat laden long room, this is the kind of place you should venture, if you appreciate meat-eating treats. Based on the decor alone, vegans may not approve.

Salt. This was the perfect introduction to New Plymouth cuisine. And across the road (ish) from the Wind Wand.

Koi (formerly Pankawalla). This place is full of Malaysian Indian inspired curries and spices, and you can pair it with whisky. This place is on the main road and probably the best curries I’ve had in a long while. After going through name changes they definitely have not changed their delicious flavours and gave my whiskey-drinking friend a new brand to add to his collection – Amrut. Named to be the only really good Indian Whisky, by the helpful waiter.

Chaos Cafe. Awesome for breakfast, I had this breakfast burrito, with bacon. I asked for Crispy – and they did that. It was a awesome. I still think of it. 🙂

Finally, the Beans.

Ozone. Delicious coffee. A buzzy roastery full of options for the coffee connoisseur and reluctant appreciator alike.


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