4° 30′ 0″ N, 101° 30′ 0″ E

Guava and Assam powder
Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

6 weeks, 2010

I have a personal motto when travelling. I will try the food I am offered from friends, especially those that are seeking to challenge me; try that which is recommended. Whatever it is. At least once.

Sometimes this proviso has shocked my senses, when I have willingly tried the hottest spiciest Tom Yum that was ever made (in my opinion), the most appalling smelling fruit presented with glee to me in a food market (Durian – which many people love), I even tried food that has been featured in Fear Factor (i.e. Balut), on a lightly lit street, with friends, in the Philippines, with absolutely no fear. I like a challenge.

Yes, sometimes my motto has not met me well.

However, sometimes, I find flavours that love me, or that I love. Long time. Sua fa’i in Samoa; Chicken biryani, Singaporean Style; Nasi Lemak from a stall on wheels, next to an office in Kuala Lumpur.

And, chilled guava with sour assam powder, salty and sweet, at a road stop, in the beautiful Cameron Highlands, on the way to brilliant Penang. Finds I may have never made, but sometimes think of and celebrate.

One of the ways I love to travel.



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