50.1208° N, 122.9544° W

whistler 2

Whistler, BC, Canada
January, 2012

As you wind up the road towards Whistler, it feels like you somehow won a ticket to Wonderland.

Into a town facing mountains and surrounding the slopes, we were only a few steps away from adventure.

After choosing which way to go you meet limited restriction and treats and opportunities. I have heard that in Canada this is just one place to find a good run.

One vivid memory was skiing down a run on Blackcomb and coming down a shoot into this wide open snow-meadow. All I remember saying was wow. Can this last for longer than I knew it would. Wanting to stop, take it all in, but then remembering that the only way on is down.

I’m more of a poet that a sportsman but that day I wanted to get better at both.


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