-43.718120°, 170.093791°

Kea Point, Mt Cook South Island
New Zealand

Mt Cook can grab your imagination and shake it. It is lights and shadows; blues and whites; snow and sunlight. From the Village you can follow walking tracks, like the Hooker Valley track towards this magical place. Go in the snow, dress warm. You will not regret it.

Kea Point looks over one of the glacier lakes, and on the evening I got there, with the sun gradually taking cover behind the clouds, the sleepy sun seemed to be casting colours on the water.

Take the time to walk, and with the sun going down, you can time a dinner at the Hermitage or grab a burger at Chamois. It’s a beautiful way to see this place.

It’s worth staying, if you have the time. Lake Tekapo holds some of this cool magic, and if your feeling like a bit more walking, chuck on your boots and head to Fox Glacier for more Icy Wonders. You will not run out, New Zealand’s South Island is full of them.



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